Beat the imposter inside of you!

What if the imposter isn’t me but a malicious virus that made me give up all my healthy habits?
I assure you it is an awful ride on this Long Covid rollercoaster. Where do you start when your typical daily routines become a struggle?

On advice, I let go of most of the things I loved doing to get as much rest as possible. As an active person, I had to learn to do nothing, which was a big challenge. I had to let go of everything I did with my daughter, work, hobbies, and sports. It was life-changing and put our lives upside down. My body became weaker; Long Covid had become the imposter in my life, based on advice from therapists and medics to balance energy and stabilize the ups and downs.

Step by step, I found possible ways to be me again by learning to listen to my body, and most importantly, I learned to change my beliefs and state instantly. I learned to see patterns and break them when attached behavior had become useless.
As life changes, my patterns and behavior will alter in need of awareness and revision.
By trying and not giving up on forehand by listening to given advice and being denied help, I found my path. I learned to treat some symptoms as obsolete by anticipating them in ways I never imagined I would. How can I be valuable, being ‘a body in the bed’ or ‘a but in the chair’ kinda person? I keep trying…

What if, just this once, things are going well? What if I experience a breakthrough?

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