Live life to the fullest!

Living life to the fullest can be hard to achieve, and it might be even harder to find the place to start when your health isn’t as predictable as it was before.

On my journey through life, there were many obstacles. Long Covid was one of the hardest things for me to learn to live with. With a finger snap, things changed drastically to my disadvantage. Every day things became unreachable, and it felt like living life to the fullest became impossible.

Like all things in life, when you manage obstacles once, you learn a valuable lesson that allows you to apply learned skills again. Besides my struggle with Long Covid, I am a survivor of domestic violence; I was homeless at age 17 and managed to provide my education by myself and build a career till I became ill.

For a long time, I thought my road was normal. Looking back now, it is extraordinary that I survived this bumpy road and made many achievements along the way. I built myself a life I didn’t know existed. I turned into the person I am today, without ever knowing what that would be. I managed to do this once…. Travel with me, Love!

Living life to the fullest again won’t be like I was used to living life. A turning point during Long Covid was when I learned to create instant sustainable change. It wasn’t a change in my health situation; I changed how I felt about it. Due to all the negative changes and losses, I lost my feeling of being worthy without realizing it. By increasing the pain it caused me, I could trade my negative feelings for feelings of worthiness and extraordinariness. I still have much to offer with a backpack full of education, knowledge, and life experience.

Every cloud has a silver lining; I proceed to create meaning in life at my own pace. If you like, feel welcome to travel with me, Love! By sharing the lessons I’ve learned so far, I hope to be of service in your life or the life of your loved ones. Don’t be afraid you won’t catch up to my Long Covid speed. 😉

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