Behind closed eyes

Behind closed eyes are stories to give insight into events that have been traumatic and also a catalyst for growth.

With our own point of reference, we might not understand when someone seeks help, we might even look the other way. When we don’t pay attention when traumatic events happen children and adults might fail when they seek help. This often happens unintendedly because we follow a system that is built to help us. Even when we play by the rules and we listen intently, we might get it all wrong.

My work in education was all about the development and growth of children. And about inspiring and supporting adults raising children and a team of teachers educating children. It makes me feel sad when children and adults are left behind because they don’t fit into a system that once was built to serve them. A system that has become too rigid to change, and instead of changing it for the lives it was built for, we make adjustments to keep the system running. We think we can capture lives in statistics and make predictions on extrapolated forecasts. Who gets fooled here?

Looking back on my childhood, after all those years it’s still the same. As a victim of domestic violence, I wasn’t stimulated in a way I was developing at my best possibilities, both at home and in school. And there is still a big taboo on trauma like this. People causing this trauma may be ashamed, ignorant, or afraid to lose their children. They often are in a survival mode that makes it impossible to change the situation. It is not about traumatic events that we pass on for generations or the generations that make improvements and find ways to stop violence and abuse. It’s about the way we think, feel and act upon it, and how we support each other.

Since I have Long Covid I experience the same struggle, being a hostage in my own body, doctors not knowing how to handle it, and at the same time, I was in a labor dispute. All things that aren’t helping me heal, so I’m building my own road again.

In a series of short videos, I will take you with me on a path, based on 46 years of experience. We can handle trauma in a humane way! By sharing my stories and positive outcomes, I might serve you during your journey. Travel with me, Love!