When I became ill, I lost connection. I felt dreadfully lonely like I never experienced before. I found connections online and in books, and learned from people that wrote about how they ended their suffering. Their stories became my survival guide, my dream is that one day my story might be a part of your journey through life.

There are many ways to connect with me and follow my journey.


On my Youtubechannel I post videos and shorts about my journey through life.


As I am a bit shy, I never liked to record myself. Making Tiktoks makes me laught, because of all the silly mistakes, with a mindset to deliver perfect Tiktoks. When I laugh I am unable to worry simultaniously, so I keep making them. Follow me if you like to watch my shares.

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I choose ‘Buy me a book’ because I love to read and learn. This is the place where you can read and see my work for free. A donation is optional.


I love Instagram, for the many lovely things people post there.
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Travel with me, Love!


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